About Us

Not Your Normal Interior Remodeling Experience

Our goal is to completely change the way you shop for flooring, countertops and tile. Our showroom and offices are located at 606 Queen Ave SW, Building B Albany, Oregon 97322.

Most of our customers love that we’ve made it our mission to make the experience a completely new one where the benefits are in your favor. Here are some of the ways we’re not your normal flooring store.

  • Customers shop our showroom with actual flooring experts that go over ALL the pros & cons of each material type to choose from so they can be fully informed.
  • We buy the top materials in bulk to pass the savings on to you.
  • We measure your area so you buy what you need and NOT what you don’t, saving $100s or $1000s.
  • You can visually see and touch materials ensuring Perfect Matches with flooring, countertops & tiling.
McHenry Interiors is a division of McHenry Remodeling located adjacent. As a long standing family ran business in the Willamette Valley, we’ve come to be known for our extremely high standards of quality. We don’t compromise on this, regardless of your budget, we ensure our customers LOVE what they get. 
If you are interested in a better shopping experience and grade A installation, look no further than McHenry Interiors. 

Need Advice? Ask Our Experts For Free, We Are Glad To Help You

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about materials or installation. We also carry an assortment of countertops, flooring materials and tiles that we can customize for you. Just call and ask us!