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For over 25 years, the skilled design and fabrication team at McHenry Interiors has been transforming homes throughout the Willamette Valley with gorgeous countertops & backsplash. Want to see how we can upgrade your space?

Our Unique Approach To Your Kitchen & Bath

Backsplash Design & Selection

Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with a stunning new backsplash! We offer a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles to complement your existing design or create a whole new look. Our skilled technicians will ensure a perfect fit and flawless installation, protecting your walls from moisture and adding a touch of elegance to your space. We work with you on everything, from selecting the perfect tile to meticulous installation, so you can enjoy a beautiful and functional upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom.


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With our laser guided precision, we measure your exact space.


Fabricating your new stone masterpiece if our art.


We’re quick and thorough – we never leave an unfinished job.

Working with an interior designer? We work with professionals to ensure a seamless experience. 

Backsplash Materials We Carry

Explore Types of Backsplash

When it comes to picking out the perfect backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom, you want to make sure it not only matches your style, but also functions well in the space. Let’s find the perfect fit together!






Backsplash Replacement

Give your kitchen or bathroom a refresh with a backsplash replacement! Is your existing backsplash outdated, damaged, or just not your style anymore? Our skilled technicians will carefully remove your old backsplash, ensuring minimal disruption to your space. Then, they’ll meticulously prep the surface for the new installation. Whether you’ve chosen classic subway tile, sleek glass panels, or another beautiful material, our experts will ensure a perfect fit and flawless application, breathing new life into your kitchen or bathroom.

Backsplash Installation

Transform your kitchen or bathroom with our exceptional backsplash installation service! We take the hassle out of creating a beautiful and functional accent wall. Our experienced installers will work closely with you to choose the perfect backsplash material and design for your space. They’ll meticulously measure your area, ensuring a flawless fit, and handle the entire installation process with precision and care. From prepping the surface to grouting and sealing (for materials that require it), we guarantee a top-notch finish that protects your walls and elevates your space. 

The Core of What Sets Us Apart

We combine precision fabrication with expert installation, ensuring a perfect result at a budget-friendly price. Experience unmatched quality and efficiency – all under one roof.

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General Questions

We do not provide stand-alone backsplash installation services. However, we do provide professional countertop installation services for both kitchens and bathrooms, which includes backsplash installation.

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